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The external area

The cloister

"Concerning the cloister it would be better that those priests who live in sometime clean it so that it becomes a place for christians ant not for animals".
In 1571 the abbey closter is descrive as above-mentioned. It was destroyed by the bombing of 1944. The archeological excavation returned two sides of the deambulation corridor with pebbles floor of the XVII century, some graves with interesting funeral trousseau, a tank for the rain water catchment and waste. The Closter, that in the monasteries evokes the Eden has a garden with mixed herbs, Bible plants and flowers.

The external apse

The little single-lancet window which open one meter from the floor of the old medieval street, the big windows, the crowning with fornix niches and the single-lancet windows of the two lateral naves return the architectonic image of the XI c. first decades Church, sallet up to now by restoration centuries-old interventions. The excavation cast light on the two lateral apses and ten medieval burials ( c. VIII – sec.  XIV ) .

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