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The baroque season

The baroque fittings season

On the half of 1600 the abbey, centuries-old commendam under the safeguard of Centurion marquis of Genoa, had imposing restoration and adaptation to the baroque taste works: the trusses were replaced by a big tophus vault, on the naves new windows were opened, the family and community graves were renewed together with the laying of the marble and slate floor. A liturgical rich fitting was equipped: altars, stoups, family coats of arms and stuccoes precious decorations. Great part of the fittings have been destroyed by bombing: the saved ones are exposed in a room together with the bust of Cosimo Centurione and to the two beautiful regretful figures assigned to the Genoa sculptor Solaro, pupil of the French sculptor Puget, active in Genoa between 1662 and 1668.

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