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The Archeological area

The archeological area

You can see the foundation of the little apse of the VIII c. little Church, on the contrary  concerning the IX c. church in addition to the apse, the first grave of the Saint, the altar trucks, a portion of floor realized with reuse marbles dated back to the roman time , among them a Latin and Greek epigraph of the I c. B.C. are conserved.

The current apse, with little single-lancet windows enclosed the previous apses and has the second monumental grave of Saint Caprasio, sealed on the first half of the year one thousand and revived in 2003, containing the stuccoes reliquary, a single model of that time known up to now. In 1944 near the grave an English bomb of 500 pounds is fallen without exploding; it has been discovered during an archeological excavation of  2003. On the north side, a valuable marble fragment of the presbyteral fence of IX century with vine stocks and bunches of grapes decoration is conserved. On the exit door architrave the epigraph of 1666 "Comodo et Ornamento " reminds the conclusion of restoration great works made by Cosimo Centurione.

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